Building your own pool

Rebar refers to reinforced steel poles, which are a crucial part of pools. They serve as supporters for the concrete used in the pool´s construction, which otherwise would break or move from its place if the bars are not used. The precision in the location and the concrete drop are vital for avoiding future structural issues.

Why is Rebar used in Pool Construction?

Inground swimming pools require Rebar because of its strength and bonding capacity. It provides durability and protection for the inner part of the swimming pool, and it is also versatile (Rebar can be adapted to practically any shape, for designing your pool) and has a good price.

Our Process


Defining the area for your pool and its surroundings is a vital element, and such areas must be cleaned. If, for instance, you want to extend the size of your pool or change its shape, any dirt, concrete, and other materials must be removed in order to make room and later implement the landscape design of your choice. Besides, removing (totally or partially) the old pool, a deck, the shell, etc, can be necessary.

The process of excavation requires a previous revision and planning of the plumbing and electrical elements necessary and changes to be made in terms of lights, filters, hydro jets, etc, and also requires permits from the City Hall and fulfillment of building codes, and a thorough knowledge of the possible details necessary to avoid leaks, cracks, and terrain settlement problems, thus guaranteeing safety, quality and the best of it all: Enjoying your pool and everything around it!




The frame defines the shape of the entire pool installation project. It, of course, takes into account the pool´s appropriate level, its orientation, the landscape design, and every other structure necessary to reach the look and feel desired.

Structural Steel / Rebar

Technically speaking, pool shells are built with ½-inch Rebar, which is different to the industry standard ⅜ -inch, and 60 grade Rebar, as pools, need extra strength, due to the pressure exercised by water. 12 inches steel and 6-inch verticals are used in the center and the deep end, respectively, joining the spans to the reinforced tie beam. The steel is adapted to the pool´s shape and reinforced wherever it is necessary to face the specific stress of every area of the pool and, finally, the electric work necessary for the connections to be bonded to the steel case is made.

After this, we add the pool Rebar to strengthen the pool´s walls and bottom. Therefore, the contractors will find the hole with the perfect structure to do their job and finish the construction of the beautiful swimming pool that will give you, your family, and friends great times together, and will also increase your property’s value.